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About us

Thanks for visiting AsianGreetingCards.com, an online shop dedicated to.... you’ve guessed it, Asian Greeting Cards, Indian Birthday Cards, Desi Cards, Indian Weddings Cards, Asian Relation Cards, pretty much all things cards and gifts, inspired by Asian Culture and our Indian origins.

This online store is brought to you by 7Gems who have been pioneering the way for Asian Greeting Cards over the past few years after spotting a gap in the market.

Since its humble beginnings, 7Gems has evolved to become a fully fledged greeting card business offering a concept of Culturally Significant Asian Greeting Cards. We design, manufacture and distribute our products into retail outlets all across the UK and further afield.

It’s quite likely you may have seen the 7Gems brand and our products in many shops. You may have even have met us at events such as the various melas across the country. Better still, you may have received one of our lovely Asian Greeting Cards. 

AsianGreetingCards.com is an extension of our mission to provide you, the customer with a fun, tailored and a truly different buying choice when sending personalised greeting cards to your nearest and dearest.

Feel free to browse this website at your leisure and you’ll find a variety of Birthday Cards, Weddings Cards, Anniversary Cards etc, to suit most everyday occasions.

Most popular are our range of Asian Relation Cards, such as Masi, Mama, Bhai, Chahca, Dada, Nana, Nani, etc. which generally fit into three main categories i.e. Punjabi Relation Cards, Gujarati Relation Cards, Urdu Relation Cards or just generally Indian Relation Cards.

As a brand we aim to be fun, vibrant and unique offering great value products that make people smile. As a company we value creativity, originality and quality and believe our products reflect exactly that. So please, don’t let your enterprising Mama convince you he can get one cheaper!

Check out our You Tube Chanel and see our video’s and hear what other people think about us. If you like what we do, feel free to spread the love on Facebook.  Like our fan page, share your thoughts and opinions, leave suggestions, and even buy and send cards.

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